Friday, February 6, 2009

Guess what I saw????

I'm sitting here this morning and watching the morning news and not really paying attention because I am working on the PC and my husband yells out that they just mentioned the name of my granddaughters school.

I look up and see my GD on tv!! Her class had made a big windsock for the local weatherman and they had all signed it and someone from the station made a video of them giving it to him. It was really cute all the kids waving and she really stood out cause she was using both arms to wave and since she is a strawberry blonde she is easy to spot.

Anyway, I wrote to the weatherman to see if I can get a copy, who knows, that would be cute to have for her when she gets older.

Note: No luck getting a copy, I need to see who might have a copy of the video, they said maybe the teacher, so I will have to see what the school has to say.

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